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#CoachYaDamnSelf Book + CYDS Live Audio
Natisha Willis

#CoachYaDamnSelf Book + CYDS Live Audio

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One Coach's Take On Self Reflection, Networking & Becoming a BadA$$Entrepreneur

If you are in the business of serving, whether you’re a coach, coach-to-be or some other type of bad a$$ entrepreneur, there’s something in this book for you. 

Natisha Willis has offered self-reflection, networking and entrepreneurial support for both coaches and counselors since 2007 through her version of relationship-based marketing, what she calls “friendship-based” marketing. She is the creator of the #CoachYaDamnSelf Challenge and one of the co-founders of the #FreedomFriends Network. 

+ The CYDS Live Audio

  • Original
  • Uncut audio footage

From our book interview.